CQ Joyas is a handcrafted jewelry brand, named CQ , which arises from the curiosity and love of its creator, Cristina Queipo de Llano for art, culture and the world of women. Sources of inspiration, which lead to the designer to create their own small pieces of art transformed into jewels. The silhouette of Velázquez's Menina is its symbol, its starting point and the hallmark of this unique brand..

Color dominates all the collection, is inspired by art, nature and women. As Henri Matisse, the master of color, said : " A tone is just color, two tones are a chord, they are life" .

All pieces are handmade. She creates forms and shapes of silver or gold filled and after weaves one by one, with semiprecious stones and pearls , combining colors and sizes. The result, pendants, brooches, bracelets, earrings and rings which are innovative and different from the rest.

CQ Joyas creations are unique and full of art and color. They are perfect for the modern woman, educated , self-confident , stylish and with good taste

Indulge Menina soul.

Cristina, our designer

Cristina, with degree in English language and literature, attends to various courses on techniques of jewelry during several years and starts designing forms and silhouettes combined with semiprecious stones and pearls. She never stops researching . The designs come from her imagination and it is Cristina's increasing curiosity to learn new techniques so that her designs become jewls.

She already made flowers, butterflies, crosses and hearts among other designs that really liked to her clients but one day she saw a picture of a Menina in an art book and was inspired by her..

She drew and gave shape of her first Menina and wove it with semiprecious stones and pearls.

From this design, emblem of the brand, there were other characters also inspired by various works of art , such as those called Goya girl , the Girl with Shawl and the Gypsy Girl , female characters that recreate some pictures of Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga .

And why not drawing on ourselves, women? Well, she had the idea of making custom jewelry shaped brooches and pendants that evoke the silhouette and essence of the woman who wears it. Your hair, your favorite tones and figure turned into a piece of jewelry.

Cristina Queipo de Llano

If you have an idea or request , please contact info-cq@cqjoyas.com or phone +34 650 737 301