You can pay by credit card safely. We propose different payment methods . Then find all the necessary information of the different payment methods proposed in


  1. We do not keep credit card numbers for payments. This personal information is sent directly to the banks we work with, and we are unable to access to them.
  2. At the time of data transmission to the bank , we use encryption technology that allows you to safely transmit all requested personal data in a transaction , such as name , address or credit card number.


To speed up your purchases, we offer the following methods of payment:


For all bank card payments , the amount of your order will be reserved in your debit card and automatically proceed from your account at the time of validation of your order . We currently do not accept payments with prepaid cards or virtual cards MASTERCARD.

To make the payment , we need:

  1. Name of cardholder
  2. Your card number
  3. Expiry date
  4. Security code
What is the security code of your card?
The security code was specially created by banking institutions to ensure the physical possession of the card.
VISA and MASTERCARD systems use a 3-digit code.

AMERICAN EXPRESS The system uses a 4-digit code.


If you want to place your order without communicating your credit card number, you have the possibility to pay safely with PAYPAL system.

Do you have a PAYPAL account?

During the checkout process , you will be sent directly to the official platform PAYPAL. After payment, you will be redirected to automatically again.

Remember: Not to forget to sign up your PAYPAL account before making the transaction or have your account connected to your bank account.

Do not have an account with PAYPAL?

You may open a PAYPAL account, it is free. After you will have it for your payments with  PAYPAL, you only have to indicate your email address and password on the site to validate your payment  PAYPAL. It is a free solution, the transaction fee is not charged to the customer.

You can open your account in